COUGAR Immersa Essential Gaming Headset

  • Brand: Cougar
SAR 241.02 Inclusive of VAT
  • 260g ultra Lightweight Suspended Leatherlike Headband Design
  • 40mm Driver: High-quality Stereo Sound
  • Perfect Clarity: 9.7mm Noise Cancellation Microphone
  • Convenience: Volume Control & Microphone Switch Control
  • 4 Pole to 3 Pole Adapter for Extra Compatibility
  • Reduce Crosstalk Signal Transmission
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COUGAR Immersa Essential Gaming Headset

COUGAR Immersa Essential Gaming Headset

structure on COUGAR’s times of experience in analog audio evolution, Immersa Essential is the over-ear headset erected for the balance between sound quality and featherlight project. The meliorated chamber and voluminous 9.7 mm microphone give high-dedication quality for true aural transmission. It’s time to enthrall yourself!

Feather project
Immersa Essential is a gaming headset for long and comfortable gaming that’s seasoned with Immersa blood’s project fundamentals. The stable & sturdy essence reduces the vibration for the earpiece in case there are low-frequency labors. The finest essence stripes construct the frame and collect the proper manpower for long- continuing hours of gaming.

Excellent Sound Quality
The Immersa Essential brings harmony between quality and interpretation. Once you break it, you’ll enjoy the audio symphony in your games!
The chamber and diffuser caricatures have the motorist produce a clearer resonance among the bass and shrill audio labors.
The bruit abortion and 9.7 mm cardioid pick-up microphone admit the true audio frequency tone.
The extended extent of the pick-up unit can be hardly acclimated for redundant clarity. The anti-pop cover can reduce sound dislocation.

Crosstalk Reduction
Through nonidentical platforms and message software, it can be hard-bitten to shake crosstalk from standard-issue electrical 3.5 mm phone jacks. still, the Immersa Essential is seasoned with true dedication wires with well- a keeping and sequestration project for reducing the crosstalk signal. Your teammate can hear an indeed clearer sound from you.

phenomenal Cheers
Immersa Essential’s superheavyweight & adjustable stretch headband with round-acclimated earpads allow you to have an immersive and pressure-free wearing-out experience.

One Headset to Hear Them All
With Immersa Essential’s 4 to 3- pole appendages, it's compatible with phones, consoles, laptops, desktop computers, and numerous other biases with 3.5 mm audio jacks. The line-control unit can freely acclimate the microphone mute and measure elections with full comity across biases.
EAN CODE 4710483771262
Individual Packaging Size 214 x 113 x 247 (mm)
Individual Packaging Weight 516 (g)
Individual Size W/O Packaging 190 x 160 x 210 (mm)
Individual Size W/O Packaging Weight 294 (g)
JAN CODE 4541995034855
Product Number (P/N) 3H350P40B.0001
UPC CODE 192554002422
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