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1,335.60 SAR



BenQ Smart Projectors with 3500lm,1080P EH600

3,969.00 SAR 4,156.74 SAR

  Smart Projectors with 3500lm,1080P | EH600   Wireless projection for instant mirro..


BenQ  EX600 Smart Projectors with 3600lm,XGA -Wireless projection for instant mirroring - Internet connectivity offers app enablement - USB supported – completely PC free

2,740.50 SAR 2,896.74 SAR

BenQ  EX600 Smart Projectors with 3600lm,XGA Wireless projection for instant mirroring ..


Benq W2700 4K UHD HDR Projector

6,999.30 SAR 7,547.40 SAR

True 4K UHD HDR-Pro Projector with DCI-P3/Rec.709| W2700 True 4K projector UHD resolution..

Out Of Stock


1,340.64 SAR

Optoma PJ S341+/3600LM/SVGA/HDMI+VGA PROJECTOR Project your presentations effortlessly any time o..


1,232.28 SAR

OPTOMA PJ S321/3000LM/SVGA/VGA ONLY Amazing Color Our projectors are capable of reproducin..


1,232.28 SAR

Product Overview Designed for meeting rooms and classrooms, the S322e boasts amazing colour, long..



1,127.70 SAR 1,377.18 SAR

X118     Acer Essential series projectors are best value projectors ideal for everyday use,..

EPSON EB-X05 3,300 lumens XGA projector

1,811.88 SAR

EB-X05 Give box sets and business presentations the wow factor with this projector's large and hi..

EPSON EB-X05 3,300 lumens XGA projector

1,736.39 SAR

EB-X05 Give box sets and business presentations the wow factor with this projector's large and hi..

Out Of Stock

Epson EB-S05 Projector

1,592.64 SAR

EB-S05 From watching blockbusters on the big screen to hosting business presentations, this SVGA ..

Out Of Stock

Acer P1273B DLP Projector

2,172.24 SAR

P1273B Image Native Resolution 1024 x 768 Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1200 Stand..


BenQ GS1 300 Lumens 720P Portable Projector

1,883.70 SAR 2,077.74 SAR

Details A travel waterproof projector that you will appreciate on the go or on the lectures. Than..


Benq Projector MS506

1,113.84 SAR 1,159.20 SAR

Smarteco Power Saving Technology Up To10,000 Hours Long Lamp Life..

Benq Projector MS527 with HDMI

1,321.74 SAR

Smarteco Technology For Power Saving Blu-ray Full Hd 3d Support Lampsave Mode For Lower Replac..


BenQ Full HD DLP Wireless Home Video Projector 2000 Lumens benq W2000

4,408.74 SAR 5,038.74 SAR

Your Home is the Premium Theater Let your imagination soar beyond the stars to experience cinema ..


Bsnl A7 plus Lcd Projector Yellow Color

161.28 SAR 250.74 SAR

VGA input : No Display Resolution : 320 x 240 Model Number : A7 plus Number of HDMI Ports : 1 ..

Out Of Stock

Dell Projector P318S

1,277.54 SAR

Make your ideas shine From the conference room to the classroom, the P318S is up to the task. ..

Out Of Stock

Acer K138ST Projector

2,826.18 SAR

K138STi Part Number: MR.JMQ11.002   Share your ideas wherever you go with Acer Portable LED..

Out Of Stock

Acer C205 200lm FWVGA Portable Projector

1,592.64 SAR

Image Native Resolution 854 x 480 Maximum Resolution 1280 x 800 Standard Mode Brightn..

Out Of Stock

Benq MP515 Projector

1,266.67 SAR

Model MP515 POWER DEVICE Type power supply Nominal Voltage AC 120/230 V Frequency Requir..

Out Of Stock

Target TP120 Mini LCD Projector 1,200 Lumens

401.94 SAR

  Target TP-120 Projector Target TP-120 is a portable mini projector ideal for use at home and..

Out Of Stock

LG PH300| Minibeam LED Projector

1,883.70 SAR

Display Type                                                         DLP Native Resolution       ..

Out Of Stock

Lenovo P0510, Pocket Projector

1,290.24 SAR

  Aspect Ratio:16:10  Built-In Speakers:built-in  Depth:3.9 inches  Engine Type:DLP Heig..

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